New Program: Resilient at Work

Fall 2015
A six week mindfulness and somatic-based experiential training.
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Michael Rich

has worked for the past 15 years on helping individuals and teams access their potential. Michael brings expertise in psychological science, mindfulness, community building and workplace culture. Michael was a co-founder of @TheCEObootcamp, and sits on the board of Sun Camp.

Running a business isn't about business at all, it's about people; Michael and Sam bring their deep understanding about the nature of people to our doorstep and for the last year we have been building a customized ‘happy-people-money-machine’.
Ara Howard, Co-Founder and CTO at dojo4
Sam and Michael bring a balanced approach to their work. I normally shy away from ‘teambuilding exercises’, but was pleasantly surprised at their more scientific and thoughtful approach.
Joe Stump, Co-Founder at Sprintly
I can't imagine a better pair of facilitators for coaching teams than Sam and Michael. Working with them both, I've seen individuals and teams come to a deeper level of effectiveness, resiliency and adaptability, all while laughing out loud. I love working with these guys.
Jerry Colonna, CEO at Jerry Colonna

Sam Elmore

has 20 years experience helping teams get ready to perform. As a consultant & coach he helps his clients become more embodied and leverage their strengths. Sam was a co-founder of @TheCEObootcamp, adjunct faculty @NaropaU and member of Playback Theatre West.

This work may not appear linear

Organizational culture takes time to develop. Emotional and social skills take commitment and practice to mature. Indeed, any growth or development necessarily includes some measure of not knowing and challenge. However, if we look closely, so does everything else. At orgdev we embrace this as part of the shared experience of being human, and delight in supporting individuals and teams develop their inherent capacity to meet any situation with intelligence, wisdom and cheerfulness.


We work with individuals, teams, and companies employing 10-150 people -- Our clients are interested in supporting the human dimension of work.


  • We consult in an ongoing way, primarily with tech companies on intentional culture enhancement
  • We design and execute company retreats
  • We host and lead events and conversations about the intersection of our humanity and our work
  • We host trainings in methods of facilitation and human skill development
  • We coach individuals through the trials and tribulations of being human at work
  • We guide people and companies through transitions.


Every orgdev effort is unique, and rates vary based on the type of engagement. Get in touch to find out more.

Upcoming Events

Deep Democracy Level 1 Jan 8-9, 2015 URL
Weekly Meditation Every Thursday Morning @ 9:30-10 am URL
Org Dev Spring Bash April 17, 2015 URL
Tilt365 Training in Denver! June 23-25, 2015 URL

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